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Before the Remodel
The backyard was a dump.  It was pretty much thrashed by a dog and two boys.  Of course the tenants didn't take care of it too.
The gate leading to the front yard.  It was nailed onto the stucco from the house.  The door was dragging from the cement.  You had to pull up on the door to open it.

The backyard planter box was covered with sheets of plywood.  Nothing but weeds grew out from the spaces from the plywood.
The backyard was awful.  Overgrown trees branches covered half the lawn or I mean dirt.  The lawn was patches of grass near the walkway.  

The back porch light was a fire hazard.  Broken light bulbs still inside the light socket with wires.  Can you say electrocution?

The walls inside the unit were thrashed.  Crayon marks was inside the closet.  
There was plenty of dirt inside the unit.  We had to clean up for several days before we could start to paint.

The walls had holes and chipped plaster.  We had to use a lot of spackle to cover up the holes.
The kitchen needed a major cleaning.  The walls were covered with grease and smoke from cigarettes.  We had to use a whole box of TSP to get it ready to paint.

The kitchen fan covered with grease.  
The kitchen stove.

The bathroom walls were covered with mildew.
I was fortunate that the tenants left a lot of trash for me.  We had two dumpsters full of trash.
I found some more trash.  In the garage on top of the rafters were more trash.  I had to clean this up too.