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Play Structure

First, we roped the area where we wanted our play structure to be.
Second, we dug, dug, and dug.  I rented a rototiller and had lots of help from our friends.
Third, I had to add an drainage system for underneath the play structure.  We didn't want a
 pool of water in the play area.
Next, We needed a soft area for falls.  We prepared the area with wood chips.  We got them from our local Organic Recycling Center.  What a deal!
We filled the area with 6 to 9 inches of wood chips.  We leveled the area for our play structure.
Next, we added rounded corners where needed.  We found out that we needed a little more room.  I dug up a rouned corner on each side to the prepared area.
We finished constructing the play structure.  I only had a few hundred bolts left over.
The kids love it!